“We would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Buchler to our friends and clients and have already done so”

“We wanted to thank you once again for a job well done on our kitchen renovation, We couldn't be happier with the results. Its spectacular!”

“We found that David was very customer focused…David met with us several times during our search for a “good contractor”. This personal touch gave us the assurance that David would be there for us during stressful times of “home renovations”

“Mr. Buchler was personally and professionally recommended to us by our contact at Laurysen Kitchens …and due to his extremely high level of professionalism, and confidence hat he instilled within us, we signed multiple contracts”

“We were impressed with the handling of this experience from our very first meeting where you prepared an estimate for our consideration. The estimate was professionally prepared; it was detailed, very comprehensive and in the end proved to be accurate. Having worked with many contractors in the past, the one thing we really appreciated is that you delivered when you said you would, all our meetings were on time and everything was ready when you said it would be”

“David would often go above and beyond to accommodate our changes… David would suggest cost saving alternatives to our original requests"

“The thing I appreciate the most was that you did everything we asked during the renovation. By that, I mean that you never tried to hurry the job or cut corners or try to talk us into a way of doing something that was more expedient for you but less pleasing for us. Thank you for that”

“His (David's) woodworking abilities and his style gave the basement a fresh look…we have received many compliments on our basement”

“We found Mr. Buchler to be extremely qualified and resourceful, and provided a very personalized level of service”

“During the construction process, you stuck to schedule and were also sensitive to our schedules. We are also comfortable knowing that you personally oversaw all aspects of the renovation and undertook much of the work yourself. As the work progressed, the quality if the materials and construction were evident”

“The use of sub-contractors was also very important to us. David was able to use his experience and bring the right experts at the right time. David was also there to be the liason between the subcontractors and us…this removed the burden of having to deal with various people”

“We found that David was very personable and easy to approach. We felt he was very honest and realistic with costs and deadlines. He is well organized and follows up with the customer when required”

“We have been delighted with the outcome of our renovations”

“You started with a 40 year old concrete shell and we are now enjoying a beautiful living area with a home theatre”

“It is important to feel comfortable with people in your home and throughout this major undertaking, everything from the ceiling to the floor and having walls removed, you and your crew proved to be extremely competent, hard working and always personable, at times going above and beyond our expectations. As our renovation was done just before Christmas, ensuring that everything was completed on schedule was appreciated more than you can know.”

“All in all we are extremely pleased with the work and with your professional integrity, and would recommend you highly to anyone considering renovation or custom construction work. We wish you the best in your endeavors, but hope that you won't be too busy next year to do another job we have in mind”

“Your colleagues, who specialized in the craft they performed, were superb. Very professional, and likeable people as well.”

“The cost was what we all agreed on Day 1”

“The new kitchen has been fully completed for several months now and we are still marveling at the improvement it has provided and the painless way in which your firm managed the installation process”

“You and your workers were very considerate; you controlled the dust, cleaned the work site every day and were extra careful not to damage existing flooring. This was amazing considering that you complete stripped the kitchen, including a section of wall. The re-building process and the cabinet installation went flawlessly along with all the electrical work needed. Your attention to details was very much appreciated and the end product clearly demonstrated this”

“I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone who is requesting their services. The fact that David Buchler, the president of the company , has a policy of only dealing with one contract at a time suited us perfectly. We had his undivided attention.”

“We found Mr. Buchler attentive to every detail, making sure that everything was done to our satisfaction. The other workers were extremely discreet in coming into our home, while at the same time being friendly.”

“Overall, this has been a very positive experience, we will certainly contact Mr. Buchler for other types of renovations in our home”

“Like all renovation projects, we encountered changes during the construction. During the project, David would often go above and beyond to accommodate our changes. In one instance, he went to the supply store during the evening to purchase additional material that would be required the next day due to our changes”

“We found that David was very Personable and easy to approach…he was very honest and realistic with costs and deadlines. He is well organized and follows up with the customer when required”

“Not being experts in home renovations, we appreciated the fact that the company became responsible for the whole project from purchasing all the materials to doing all the necessary work.”

“Robin and I would like to take this opportunity to provide a letter of reference to you after completion of two bathrooms and a kitchen. This work was carefully done, suing quality materials and workmanship. Your many suggestions for design, color and finishing touches is esthetically pleasing and highly functional. The downstairs bathroom, although fit into tight corners does not feel confining the remodeled upstairs bathroom feels much more spacious, while the kitchen is brighter and with more storage than before.”

“Thank-you for making this an enjoyable experience…”

“Should the opportunity arise, we will definitely recommend your firm to friends and would happily re-employ you again in the future.”